Biohit as an investment

Biohit Oyj is a globally operating Finnish biotechnology company that develops innovative diagnostic and other health products.

Our mission “Innovating for Health” describes our innovative products and solutions with which we want to promote medical research and early diagnostics and prevent serious diseases.

Cost-effective innovations in health care

Biohit focuses on diagnostic products and diagnostic analysis systems for the gastrointestinal tract, as well as health-promoting products. The company's main products are the GastroPanel® health test for diagnosing upper abdominal problems, launched in 2005, and Acetium® products binding carcinogenic acetaldehyde, introduced in 2010. Biohit's product range also includes tests, instruments and analytical systems for laboratories.

Our products are sold through our subsidiaries and our global distribution network. In addition to building a committed network of distributors and partners, new potential distributors are carefully screened.

The basis for Biohit's operations is innovative product development and we aim to develop and extend the diagnostic test package through continuous R&D efforts.

Why invest in Biohit?

Strong concentration and competitive product portfolio in gastrointestinal tract diagnostics

Biohit specializes in products and systems for diagnosing and preventing gastrointestinal tract diseases. Biohit has a competitive product portfolio, strong distribution channels and a well-known GastroPanel brand in gastrointestinal tract diagnostics. A clear focus on gastrointestinal tract diagnostics helps us profile toward distributors and ensures strong industry and global market knowledge.

Capital-light business model

Biohit's cost effective business model ties up little capital and the investment needs are small, allowing strong efficient capital allocation back to product development. Our sales strategy based on external distributors and licensing supports the capital light business. Thus, net sales growth does not require increasing our cost level, such as investments in new premises or production equipment. The company utilizes outsourcing in production, which enables a strong focus on product development and sales.

A growing and defensive overall market

Our target market is defensive and has strong structural growth drivers. Our markets are growing steadily, driven by the aging population, the increasing prevalence of gastric cancer and gastritis, and the growing need for diagnostics. The diagnostic market for the gastrointestinal tract is expected to grow by 4.6% per year (CAGR) until 2030. In addition, the global need for cost saving in health care supports the demand for our products.


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