Share information

Biohit Oyj is a Finnish public limited company whose Series B share is quoted on NASDAQ Helsinki in the Small cap/Healthcare group. Biohit's share capial is 2 350 350,8 and series B is listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

The shares have no nominal value. A- and B-series shares differ from each other so that each A-series share produces a right to vote with twenty (20) votes and B-series share with one (1) vote in the general meeting. Furthermore, a B-series share receives a two percent (2) higher dividend to the nominal value than an A-series share. When this article is applied, the nominal value according to which the dividend is calculated is the former nominal value of EUR 0.17 as it was at the moment the general meeting decided to abandon nominal values for the shares.

In the event of the dissolution of the company through a merger or some other reason, Series A and B shareholders have an equal right to an equally-sized portion of the compensation paid for the dissolution. If a Series A share is transferred to a Series B shareholder or a new external shareholder, the shareholder receiving the share must notify the Board of Directors without delay and Series A shareholders have the right to buy back shares in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association. A Series A share can be converted, upon the request of its holder, into a Series B share by a decision of the Board of Directors, entitling the holder to receive one Series B share for one Series A share.