Disclosure policy

Biohit aims to proactively communicate about the company’s operations to all its stakeholders in a consistent and timely manner. The company seeks to take the special needs and interests of all its stakeholders into account in its communications in order to increase confidence in the company and thereby promote its business operations. Biohit’s Board of Directors has ratified the company’s disclosure policy with a view to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information that is released. The policy also specifies who is responsible for communications in different situations.

Biohit’s major interest groups are its customers, shareholders and personnel. Other significant interest groups include analysts, authorities, mass media representatives, scientific communities, job seekers, and other partners in cooperation.

Biohit’s financial department regularly disseminates information on financial administration reporting-related processes in order to ensure the real-time availability of information as required for efficient internal control. Financial administration guidelines and the company’s information release policy aim to ensure the promptness and comprehensiveness of communications and the release of information required for internal control purposes.

The President & CEO is responsible for ensuring that the company adheres to regulations on investor relations and communications and stock exchange releases as well as press releases and coordinating media relations.

All of Biohit’s investor communications are published in both Finnish and English on the company’s website and they are distributed to the stock exchange, the Central storage facility ( ) and the press.

Disclosure policy of Biohit Oyj

Biohit adheres to the guidelines and regulations laid down by NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy, the Financial Supervisory Authority and the EU, and fulfils its obligations in accordance with the Securities Markets Act and other legislation. Biohit also abides by the Securities Market Association's Finnish Corporate Governance Code. Biohit's Corporate Governance Statement is available on the company's website under Investor Relations (

1. Key principles add

Biohit aims to proactively communicate about the company’s operations to all its stakeholders in a consistent and timely manner. The company seeks to take the special needs and interests of all its stakeholders into account in its communications in order to increase confidence in the company and thereby promote its business operations. Those in charge of communications work closely with management and the rest of the organisation to ensure that communications are properly coordinated.
Customers, shareholders and Biohit personnel are our major stakeholders. Other significant stakeholders include analysts, potential investors, authorities, mass media representatives, scientific communities, jobseekers and other partners in cooperation.

If there is any information concerning Biohit's operations that, according to the company's own estimations, could substantially affect Biohit's share price, then Biohit will publish a stock exchange release without undue delay.

In the case of other matters that do not require a stock exchange release, but are considered newsworthy or otherwise of interest to stakeholders, the company will also inform its customers, personnel and partners, and the press.

2. Responsibilities and spokespeople add

The company's President & CEO is responsible for investor relations and communications. The Communications Director is responsible for press releases and coordinating media relations. The Director(s) of Sales and Marketing is/are responsible for customer communications.

Internal communications are currently the responsibility of Management Team members and their subordinate managers. The Communications Director is in charge of coordinating internal communications. The parent company coordinates Group communications.

The Communications Director is responsible for preparing and publishing the Group's stock exchange and press releases. Members of the parent company's Management Team and the Managing Directors of subsidiaries must ensure the correctness of any information relating to their own areas of responsibility and, if necessary, must also assist in preparing information for publication. The Board of Directors handles all legal disclosure obligations, and also approves both the company's communications policy and the annual Action Plan.

The parent company's President & CEO is responsible for giving statements on developments in Biohit's operations and finances. For other information, the Communications Director directs requests for statements to the right person / expert.

3. Investor communications add

In its investor communications, Biohit aims to provide up-to-date and appropriately timed information in accordance with the rules laid down by the Securities Markets Act, the Financial Supervisory Authority and NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy. The disclosure obligation consists of two parts: a regular disclosure obligation and a continuous disclosure obligation.

The regular disclosure obligation requires the company to publish regular reports on trends in the company's result. This includes publishing interim reports, financial statement bulletins, Financial Statements and the Report of the Board of Directors.
The continuous disclosure obligation means that the company is always required to release any information that, in its own estimations, could have a substantial effect on the company's share price.

4. Internal communications and insider guidelines add

In its internal communications, Biohit follows the Financial Supervisory Authority's standards and adheres to the same principles of consistency and timeliness as in its other communications. If an employee receives any unpublished information that falls under either the regular or continuous disclosure obligation, then this employee must be informed that the insider regulations also apply to him or her.

Insiders are advised to restrict trading of Biohit's shares to periods when the market has the most up-to-date information possible on factors that may affect the company's share price. Biohit's insider regulations forbid permanent insiders from trading the company's shares during silent periods, that is for 30 days prior to the publication of interim reports, financial statement bulletins and Financial Statements. Before trading shares, insiders must always ensure that they do not possess any project-specific insider knowledge. It is recommended that, before trading any company shares, insiders obtain approval from whoever is responsible for insider matters. Insiders can then be certain that they are not party to any special arrangements that could be classed as insider knowledge. Biohit's insider regulations are based on the insider guidelines drawn up by NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy and the Financial Supervisory Authority.

5. Publishable information and procedures add

The major types of releases published by Biohit are:

Stock exchange releases

Biohit publishes stock exchange releases on, for example, the following:

  • Interim reports, which examine the company's operations and results every half-year.
  • The financial statement bulletin, which examines the company's operations and result for the whole year.
  • The Report of the Board of Directors, the Corporate Governance Statement and the Financial Statements, which are contained in the Annual Report.
  • Profit warnings
  • Invitations to and the decisions of General Meetings.
  • Notifications in accordance with the Securities Markets Act, such as changes in share ownership.
  • Any strategically significant cooperation or distribution agreements that, in Biohit's own estimations, could substantially affect operations and thereby also the company's share price.
  • Approvals from authorities in strategically important market areas. In Biohit's industry, the securing - or lack - of approvals from relevant authorities in certain market areas can substantially affect the company's operations and thereby also its share price.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Any significant restructuring, enhancing or winding down of operations.
  • Changes in the make-up of the Board of Directors or senior management.
  • Other significant events or projects that substantially affect the company's operations.

Financial reports are published according to a previously announced schedule. Biohit advises of any outlooks or operational risks pertaining to the current financial year as part of its interim reports, financial statement bulletin and the Report of the Board of Directors. The company outlines its strategic policy both on its website and in its Annual Reports. If, before the publication of Biohit's result, the company estimates that its result, balance sheet or financial position will be stronger or weaker than forecast, then a profit warning will be issued.

In the case of less significant matters concerning distribution agreements, product launches or approvals from authorities in individual countries, Biohit will not issue a separate stock exchange release if, in its own estimations, there will be no substantial effect on the company's share price. Instead, a summary will be published in the next interim report.

Press releases

Press releases will be issued to cover any new products and services and other matters of interest to markets or the press that will not substantially affect the company's share price. Press releases will also be issued locally when necessary, only in certain countries and/or certain media, such as professional publications (both print and online media).

Subjects include:

  • Product launches and new technological advances.
  • Orders and agreements whose value is significant, yet will not as a whole substantially affect the company's share price.
  • Biohit's participation in significant research and/or development projects.
  • Customer bulletins

Biohit's customer base includes distributors, partners and end-users. The need for and type of information required varies between target groups.

Biohit primarily informs its customers about new products, changes to existing products, campaigns, market events and other matters that could affect distributors' operations or inter-company relations.

Internal bulletins

All of the company's stock exchange releases and customer bulletins are also sent to personnel. Press releases are sent as required. They are, however, available on the company's public websites.

Internal bulletins are also used to provide information on changes in personnel and other personnel-related matters, Management Team decisions that are not classed as confidential under insider regulations, and other news on the company's operations.

" Other bulletins

Biohit also publishes other bulletins on its website. These include new appointments published in major newspapers, information on upcoming events and publications, etc.

Briefings and other meetings

The company organise briefings for various stakeholders as required. Managers will also run through important matters with employees in unit and team meetings.

Biohit's management from time to time meets with investors, analysts and mass media representatives in a variety of contexts, such as at public events targeted at investors or during privately arranged corporate visits. Biohit's representatives can provide more background information on the company's operations, but they won't comment on trends in the company's finances nor discuss unpublished strategic information or questions.

6. Communication channels add

Biohit has focused its external communications, such as bulletins and investor and product information, on its public website, which is available to all stakeholders. Biohit's website aims to offer comprehensive and up-to-date information on the company and its products, services and financial position, so that stakeholders can form a sufficiently well-rounded picture of the company.

Euroclear (formerly Suomen Arvopaperikeskus Oy) provides the insider, shareholder and share information published on Biohit's website. InvestisFlife Oy currently handles the communication of this information. Biohit also uses an external service provider to publish the key financial figures available on its website.

Stock exchange releases are published on Biohit's website and distributed, via NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy's service, to stock exchanges, the Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM), key media, and individuals who have subscribed to the releases.
The distribution list for press releases is primarily the same as that for stock exchange releases, except that it also includes international distribution channels and industry publications. Press releases are also published on the company's website.
Customer bulletins are published as both e-mail letters and on websites aimed at certain target groups. Biohit maintains an Extranet site, which is only accessible to distributors and Biohit personnel. The company's internal bulletins are currently sent via e-mail. Managers are responsible for ensuring that information is forwarded in paper format to, for example, those units whose personnel do not have access to e-mail. Only the parent company's employees currently have access to an Intranet service on which internal bulletins are published.

7. Language add

Due to the international nature of Biohit's operations, English is the primary language for the company's website. Biohit's website also offers abridged information about the company, its products, and current issues in both Finnish and the working languages of its foreign subsidiaries. Pages aimed at investors are available in both Finnish and English. Biohit publishes all of its financial reports and other stock exchange releases in both Finnish and English. Press releases are usually published in Finnish and English as well as in the language of each target country. English is the primary language for customer bulletins. Bulletins are translated into local languages at the request of subsidiaries or distributors.The parent company's internal bulletins are sent in Finnish and, if the information is relevant to the whole Group, are also translated into English.

8. Publication dates add

Biohit reports quickly and without undue delay on all matters that substantially affect the company's share price, thereby providing all of its investors with an equal opportunity to receive information. Before the end of the previous financial year, Biohit announces a publication schedule for all of its financial reports, information concerning General Meetings, and other bulletins that fall under the regular disclosure obligation. This calendar is available on the company's website.

Biohit only announces cooperation agreements and approvals from authorities once a contract has been signed or after official approval documentation has been received. The company aims to announce new products or improvements to existing products only once the R&D project has been completed and the product is ready for launch.

9. Silent period add

Biohit observes a silent period for four weeks prior to the publication of financial results. During this period, management and other personnel will not comment on the company’s financial position or markets, nor will they meet with capital market or financial media representatives.

However, if an event that requires immediate publication does occur during the silent period, Biohit will publish the information without delay in accordance with disclosure regulations, and can also comment on the matter in question.

10. Information leaks and rumours add

Biohit seeks to prevent premature publication of any information that affects the company's share price. During the preparation of stock exchange releases and financial reports, Biohit seeks to ensure that all information remains confidential by, for example, using non-disclosure agreements, training insiders and protecting files.

The company does not comment on matters in progress, public rumours, share price trends, competitors' or customers' activities, or capital market forecasts. If any information that substantially affects Biohit's share price is made public, the company's management evaluates the situation and decides whether to issue a stock exchange bulletin clarifying the issue.

11. Crisis communications add

In the event of a crisis, the company's President & CEO or other Management Team members should be notified without delay.
President & CEO Jussi Hahtela, Tel. 09 7738 6223, +358 50 383 5948, e-mail:

Biohit's President & CEO is responsible for leading crisis communications. He or she is assisted depending on the situation, by those Management Team members and/or experts who are most knowledgeable about the situation and the subject matter.
In crisis situations, Biohit seeks to inform its stakeholders and any others who affected by the crisis promptly as and when the situation becomes clear. Crisis communications are currently part of the company's information security management.