Corporate Governance

Insider issues

Insider guidelines

In insider matters, Biohit complies with the applicable legislation, the Guidelines for Insiders issued by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, as well as its own Guidelines for Insiders confirmed by the Board of Directors.

Register for persons discharging managerial responsibilities

Biohit Oyj Board members, CEO and Management Team are part of a Register for persons discharging managerial responsibilities. These persons have regular access to insider information and have the power to make decisions related to the development and business operations of the company. Persons discharging managerial responsibilities and their closely associated persons are required to notify Biohit Oyj and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority transactions on Biohit Oyj’s financial instruments. Upon receiving the notification of management’s or their closely associated persons’ transaction, Biohit Oyj discloses the information on such transaction as a stock exchange release. Additionally, the published information is delivered to the Central Storage Facility maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

Other insider registers

Additionally, Biohit has a supplementary section on permanent insiders. Permanent insiders have, according to the company’s estimate, regular access to all insider information. Project-specific insiders are those who receive inside information in conjunction with a specific project.

Trading Restrictions

Insiders are not allowed to trade Biohit Oyj securities for 30 days before the publication of the company’s financial statement release and half-year report. Additionally, Biohit Oyj requires that the persons involved in the preparation of the financial statement release and half-year report follow the closed window of 30 days. Project-specific insiders are not allowed to trade Biohit securities before the project has been published or discontinued. Trading is always prohibited, when a person possesses inside information.

Insider control

Biohit’s President & CEO is responsible for insider control. He ensures that insiders are aware of insider regulations and adhere to trading restrictions. Biohit Oyj has an internal channel for Biohit employees to report any suspicions of market abuse.

Management transactions can be found in the Stock Exchange Releases.

Nasdaq Helsinki Guidelines for Insiders July 3, 2016